Lots of this...

Tasty Recipes
I'll offer yummy, whole-food recipes that are all grain-free, dairy-free/dairy-optional, while also doing my best to steer clear of corn, soy and rice. Nothing too fancy, just our family favorites. And it’s totally okay if you experiment and find ways to improve upon them (feel free to share!). Because even more than concrete recipes, I want to give recipe ideas and inspiration. Take what I’ve come up with and tailor it to your taste. Or follow it to the T. Whatever's helpful!

Openness and Community
I’ll be transparent and open about my experiences with food, nutrition and healthy living. And you're invited to do the same (it's more fun that way).

The "Why" Behind It
I’ll tell you what I think and why. I’ve spent lots of time thinking about my beliefs surrounding food, researching those ideas and presenting them here with the information I’ve found that seems to back them up.

And none of this...

No Food Shaming
Ick. I’ll never make you feel bad about your food choices. Even if we have opposite stances on nutrition. I want to look at food and diet as places to connect and learn.

No Know-it-All
I’ll never tell you I know what’s best for you and your family. I'll tell you what works for me and Thad and why I think it’s working. If it rings true and fits for you, awesome. 

I’ll also never declare I know the “end all” of good nutrition. For one, I’m no authority on the matter. Just someone with an interest in good eating and healthy living. I'll do my best to continue learning and exploring, and tell you what makes the most sense to me and why. Secondly, discoveries in nutrition are always being made, which makes facets of “healthy eating” something of an evolving practice.

No Tunnel Vision
I will never package this website as a weight-loss method. You may lose weight, you may not. If we’re eating good food, and learning to listen to our bodies, we’ll likely shed extra pounds if they're there. But instead of the number on the scale, I want to focus more on wellbeing. My broader hope is that you’ll find better health through discovery and healthful choices.


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