Watermelon White Wine Granitas

Oh, you guys. Would you look at this dreamy dessert? So perfectly fresh, light and summery, I'm in love. And it's so easy!

YIELD 6 - 8 servings


3 cups seeded watermelon, scooped (1 small seedless watermelon, about the size of a large cantaloupe)

1 cup white wine of your choice

Juice of small lemon or lime


    1.    Scoop watermelon and combine with wine and citrus juice in a blender or a bowl for an immersion blender

    2.    Process until smooth, pour through a strainer if the little white seeds bug you, and then into a baking dish

    3.    Pop in the freezer and use a fork to rake into icy bits, raking every half hour after that until thoroughly frozen and flaky (about 3 hours)